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  1. 01 Economy & Finance

    1. After decades of improvement, poverty soared in 2020 as COVID-19 shook societies around the world
    2. The economic pain of COVID-19 has been unequally distributed, within and between rich and poor countries
    3. Economic strategy has undergone a revolution in the past year
    4. Businesses have a vital role to play
    5. Policymakers have contained some of the collateral economic damage of the pandemic
    6. There are some signs that the quest for social justice is translating into meaningful action
  2. 03 Energy

    1. Richer people account for most emissions today and in the past
    2. At a global level, the pandemic has hit energy access
    3. Billions of people have no access to cooling
    4. Over time, energy access and affordability have been improving
    5. Access to cleaner fuels has also increased at a global level
    6. Off-grid solar investment is rising
    7. There is concern that fossil gas could play a big role in Africa’s energy expansion
  3. 04 Health & Wellbeing

    1. The pandemic had very unequal health impacts
    2. Continuing a longstanding trend of health inequalities
    3. Before COVID-19, access to healthcare was broadening at a global level, but the trend was reversing in some countries
    4. Ensuring vaccine availability in developing countries is a global priority
    5. Younger people have been more deeply affected, especially in poor families
  4. 05 Mobility & Buildings

    1. This has been a huge opportunity for experimentation in city life and how we live and work at home
    2. The pandemic has brought home the importance of air quality to people’s health and wellbeing
    3. Walkable cities are also more economically valuable
  5. 06 Value Chains & Circularity

    1. Human rights violations in supply chains are high on the agenda
    2. And many companies are shortening supply chains in response to a variety of pressures
    3. Circular-economy policies have expanded globally in the last few years