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  1. 01 Economy & Finance

    1. Tech players are among those making the boldest commitments to climate action
  2. 03 Energy

    1. Renewables hit a tipping point in 2020
    2. Green hydrogen is key to decarbonising many harder-to-abate sectors, including aviation, steel and shipping
    3. The cost of renewables continues to fall
    4. Renewables are meeting an ever-growing share of energy consumption
    5. UK CO₂ emissions are back to 1880s levels
    6. The energy-storage market is growing, especially in Europe, though not as fast as it once was
    7. Low-carbon electricity supply has surpassed coal, an important recent tipping point
    8. China is embracing renewables and will peak coal consumption in about 2025
    9. Coal is being replaced by renewables and fossil gas
    10. Efficient electric cooking could be a game changer for indoor air quality
    11. There is concern that fossil gas could play a big role in Africa’s energy expansion
    12. China’s overseas investments are key to how energy systems evolve globally
  3. 05 Mobility & Buildings

    1. Switching to electric vehicles would have huge health benefits globally
    2. Bike lanes and traffic calming are proliferating across Europe
    3. City density enables lifestyles which are less resource-intensive
    4. Deep renovation of buildings will need to accelerate
    5. Electric vehicles continue to experience rapid growth
    6. Installations of charging stations are soaring
    7. Battery costs are collapsing
    8. “Price parity” between EVs and fossil-fuel/internal combustion engine cars is imminent
  4. 06 Value Chains & Circularity

    1. Commodities associated with green recovery are surging, with potential risks for net zero
    2. Investment activity in sustainable value chains has risen in recent years
    3. We need rapid progress on batteries, as demand continues to rise