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  1. 01 Economy & Finance

    1. The jury is still out on whether or not governments will adopt green stimulus
    2. But in some areas the gaps are growing. The large-scale shift to working from home is leaving many behind
    3. Sustainable investment reached a tipping point in 2020
    4. A growing share of global emissions are covered by carbon pricing
    5. Confusion over ESG ratings has provided a perennial opportunity for greenwash
  2. 02 Natural Solutions

    1. What we eat has a huge impact on our health
    2. Food systems have a massive impact on the planet
    3. Food systems account for a huge share of greenhouse-gas emissions
    4. We are only at the beginning of disruption in the food industry
  3. 03 Energy

    1. China is embracing renewables and will peak coal consumption in about 2025
    2. Billions of people have no access to cooling
  4. 04 Health & Wellbeing

    1. The pandemic had very unequal health impacts
    2. Long-term investment in scientific research has allowed the development of effective COVID-19 vaccines
    3. Ensuring vaccine availability in developing countries is a global priority
    4. Younger people have been more deeply affected, especially in poor families
    5. Vaccines against COVID-19 were developed very rapidly
    6. Breakthroughs in “protein folding” and malaria vaccines are also hugely promising
  5. 05 Mobility & Buildings

    1. This has been a huge opportunity for experimentation in city life and how we live and work at home
    2. Bike lanes and traffic calming are proliferating across Europe
  6. 06 Value Chains & Circularity

    1. Investment activity in sustainable value chains has risen in recent years