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  1. 01 Economy & Finance

    1. Sustainable investment reached a tipping point in 2020
    2. The declining influence of big oil is a sign of how far the economy has transformed
    3. Confusion over ESG ratings has provided a perennial opportunity for greenwash
  2. 02 Natural Solutions

    1. Nature has never been under greater threat
    2. There is rising interest in regenerative food systems that restore and nourish land, ecosystems and livelihoods
    3. And the pandemic led people to make radically different food choices
    4. What we eat has a huge impact on our health
    5. We are only at the beginning of disruption in the food industry
    6. Demand for NCS credits is growing rapidly in line with corporates’ net-zero ambitions
    7. Use of “bio-based“ and similar terms is taking off in consumer and industrials sectors
    8. Natural solutions for construction are proliferating
  3. 03 Energy

    1. The energy-storage market is growing, especially in Europe, though not as fast as it once was
    2. Access to cleaner fuels has also increased at a global level
  4. 04 Health & Wellbeing

    1. Long-term investment in scientific research has allowed the development of effective COVID-19 vaccines
    2. Vaccines against COVID-19 were developed very rapidly
    3. Medical breakthroughs are proliferating
    4. Liquid biopsy continues to take off
  5. 05 Mobility & Buildings

    1. City density enables lifestyles which are less resource-intensive
    2. Deep renovation of buildings will need to accelerate
    3. Installations of charging stations are soaring
    4. Battery costs are collapsing
  6. 06 Value Chains & Circularity

    1. The shock to the global trading system and supply chains comes at a critical moment for sustainability
    2. Commodities associated with green recovery are surging, with potential risks for net zero
    3. The pandemic has encouraged consumers to think about product value chains
    4. There have been step changes in consumer behaviour
    5. Entrenched interests are a barrier to progress on the circular economy, but some are rethinking their business models
    6. Investment activity in sustainable value chains has risen in recent years
    7. Human rights violations in supply chains are high on the agenda
    8. And many companies are shortening supply chains in response to a variety of pressures
    9. We have seen an upswell of public interest in plastics and other waste-related challenges
    10. Prices for new plastic have soared in recent months, partly as a result of greater plastic consumption
    11. Investor interest in higher value-add circular economy businesses is rising
    12. Demand for used goods could be on the cusp of taking off
    13. We need rapid progress on batteries, as demand continues to rise