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  1. 01 Economy & Finance

    1. After decades of improvement, poverty soared in 2020 as COVID-19 shook societies around the world
    2. The economic pain of COVID-19 has been unequally distributed, within and between rich and poor countries
    3. A new age of government? Spending, if done wisely, can have huge social benefits
    4. But in some areas the gaps are growing. The large-scale shift to working from home is leaving many behind
  2. 02 Natural Solutions

    1. There is a clear uptick in demand for more sustainable products
    2. There has been rising interest in plant-based food during the pandemic
  3. 03 Energy

    1. Over time, energy access and affordability have been improving
    2. Efficient electric cooking could be a game changer for indoor air quality
  4. 04 Health & Wellbeing

    1. Continuing a longstanding trend of health inequalities
    2. 2020 was not the first year that life expectancy fell in some countries
    3. Some COVID-19-induced changes will be permanent and could help improve health outcomes
    4. The path to mental recovery will be long and difficult
    5. There is rising incidence of anxiety and depression
    6. Younger people have been more deeply affected, especially in poor families
    7. “Parity of esteem” between physical and mental health is one way to think about the gaps
    8. People have rising expectations over access to mental-health services
    9. There is growing interest in solutions that promise to enhance wellbeing
    10. The corporate sector is also taking employee wellness more seriously
    11. There were other big health wins in 2020
    12. Liquid biopsy continues to take off
    13. Personalised medicine is also growing rapidly
  5. 05 Mobility & Buildings

    1. Some even question if the long-term trend towards urban living will endure
    2. With big changes in residential property markets
    3. The pandemic has brought home the importance of air quality to people’s health and wellbeing
    4. Switching to electric vehicles would have huge health benefits globally
    5. The idea of the “15-minute city” has taken hold, but there is a long way to go
    6. Businesses are investing in improving their buildings, for both environmental and health benefits
  6. 06 Value Chains & Circularity

    1. Consumer interest in sustainability is at an all time high
    2. Though the risk of greenwashing is ever-present
    3. Consumer attitudes to reused clothes and other goods are shifting